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Application Services

Application Services

With the global economy undergoing profound transformation, organizations of all sizes across industries have to adopt innovative ways to improve their market share and deliver greater value to their customers while maintaining a strong control on costs. Outsourcing is a cost-effective option for companies who look for a faster return on investment and reduced total cost of ownership.
XL Softek delivers benefits to our global customer base in a variety of different ways to provide IT solutions. Our technology competencies, robust infrastructure, mature service delivery processes, and flexible engagement and delivery models make us the preferred outsourcing partner.
Our suite of application services include:

  • Mobile Application

    Customers have become increasingly dependent on smart-phones and mobile applications to satisfy their round-the-clock connectivity needs. Expansion into the mobile space has become pertinent to industries across all domains as mobile applications enable customers to operate beyond the boundaries

  • Testing Services

    Improved software quality, reduced time-to-market, and reduced cost on testing are the major challenges most organizations have to deal with. A cost effective and practical way to handle this challenge is to isolate testing from the development process and engage third party testing vendors.

  • Business Intelligence

    Information overload is a common phenomenon in most organizations. New sales channels, unstructured data formats, and poor quality of data complicate further the challenge of getting the right data to take actionable decisions. The definition of enterprise boundaries for data analytics

  • Enterprise Solutions

    The big challenge for most business organizations is identifying the right solutions and technologies that fit the organization’s unique business needs while offering the scope for future enhancements. Solutions not tailored to the organization’s strategic objectives can lead to increased maintenance costs,

  • Application Development and Maintenance

    Our well-defined and mature application development processes are assessed at Capacity Maturity Model (CMM) level 5 standards. Our clients experience significant cost savings and quick turn-around times due to our global delivery model with “follow the sun” approach.

  • Application Re-engineering and Migration Services

    Legacy systems provide a technological backbone to many organizations, many of which are dependent on them in order to move forward. However, there are significant issues that plague legacy applications,

  • Enterprise Application Integration

    Traditional software design and development leads to the creation of disparate systems and information silos. These systems tend to replicate the departments and barriers that existed between them.