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Testing Services

Testing Services

Most organizations have to deal with a variety of major challenges including:

  • Improved software quality
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Reduced cost

A practical, cost-effective way to handle these challenges is to isolate the testing stage from the development process while engaging third-party vendors.
At XL Softek, we have 15 years of independent verification and validation experience in several business domains. Our mature Testing Center of Excellence (CoE) provides value-added software testing services for numerous organizations, including several Fortune 500 companies. We provide testing services based on various engagement models:

Testing Services from Our Global Delivery Centers—This service executes results-based projects by leveraging offshore resources. In this model, we are responsible for the three dimensions of product delivery: cost, deliverables and milestones. We manage the risk and resources utilization per testing schedule.

Managed Services Engagement Model—For this structure, we develop long-term testing operations of products or entire applications. Services are customized according to your testing needs and range from a single level tests to end-to-end testing, adhering to well-defined SLAs.

Professional Services Model—In this model, we deploy our test engineers and consultants at our client locations while providing test resources at our delivery centers.

Our Testing CoE is supported by testing professionals with significant experience in the following:

  • Test Automation
  • Test Management
  • Scripting Tools
  • Best Practices

We undertake long-term testing operations for individual products or the entire enterprise application suite. We can customize our services to meet your testing needs. Our services include:

  • Test Data Management
  • Application Testing
  • Test Consultation
  • End-to-end Testing Services