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At XL Softek, we strive to become the official jumpstart of your IT consulting career. We do so not only through effective job placement, but also through the following products: IntURview and My Dollar Investments (Both coming soon)


Where does our name, XL Softek, come from? The word doesn’t have an official definition and it isn’t a name, but rather a shortened variation of the word, “Interview”.
Job interviews are a critical step in the hiring process. While a resume highlights particular skills, a face-to-face interview showcases various behaviors and characteristics that cannot be displayed on a mere piece of paper. This allows the employer to see how you react to certain situations and possibly see how you will mesh with the rest of the team.
However, since many of our potential openings are out-of-state, the hassle of setting up arrangements for an in-person interview is costly. In addition, there are complications with regular video conferencing with Skype, GoToMeeting and other telecommunication means.
Our IntURview service allows you to present your best self from hundreds of miles away. This is a cost-effective interview method that highlights your qualities with ease. Our IntURviews are recorded for your educational benefit as well as for anti-discriminatory purposes.

Coming Soon—Late 2015


My Dollar Investments

There is a significant need among businesses to maintain a system that keeps track of client acquisition, as it is a difficult endeavor. My Dollar Investments is a web-based marketing and credit-origination application that is designed to help companies, regardless of size, fulfill this need.
One challenge with client acquisition is growing your business without increasing the risk. It is critical to limit risk because your most important asset is your customer base. At the same time it takes a level of risk to draw in and maintain clients as well. It is important to be flexible to meet the differing needs of each individual customer.
My Dollar Investments allows you to conform to the needs of your clients using software, improving their return-on-investment in the process.
The My Dollar Investments framework includes an architecture that bolsters the development of versatile and efficient deployment applications within the following channels:

  • Contact Centers
  • Intranet Services
  • Internet-based self-service channels

Limited marketing budgets significantly constrain the size and nature of most client acquisition services. The most notable challenge falls with the ability to target the right customers, particularly attracting those who are more likely to positively respond to your services, while also increasing response rates at the right price.
My Dollar Investments will be a resource for marketing departments to organize sales associate data through an online application.

Application Coming Soon