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Training Program

Finding Training Candidates

Searching for quality candidates is a daunting task. Many college graduates may have the degree needed for a particular position, but lack the necessary drive to succeed in an IT environment. At XL Softek, we find and develop prime IT talent for you.

With our training program, we equip trainees with the skills and experience critical for success in the technological industry.

Connections with Prominent Universities

We work with various universities and campus organizations to find top-notch talent. We send representatives to present our program on college campuses in order to network with upcoming graduates who are eager to get a head start on their career. By reaching out to campus organizations, we ensure that we focus on college students who strive for opportunities to grow as technical professionals.

Thorough Vetting Process

When finding candidates for our program, we strive to bring on the very best to join our team. We look for technically proficient college graduates, preferably with degrees in Information Technology, Computer Science, Management Information Systems, and other tech-based fields. In addition, we make sure each training candidate has the drive to not only grow in skill as a programmer or business analyst, but also mature as an IT professional.

We conduct a multi-faceted vetting process for each candidate to ensure that our trainees are best suited for any IT project.

Our Program

Our program is designed in two parts: in-office training and client project. This allows our trainees to grow in both conceptual skill, but also through real-life application.

In-Office Training

Through our in-office training, our trainees expand upon the concepts they learned while finishing their degree while also applying them in a real-world project setting. We provide training for the following areas:

  • Java Programming
  • Business Analysis
  • SQL Database Administration
  • .NET Development
  • And others coming soon

In addition to technical skill training, we also assist with resume reconstruction and professional marketing. This ensures that our trainees are adequately prepared for career projects.

Client Projects

Once trainees complete our in-office training, they are ready to handle the world of IT consulting. We assign trainees to client projects that correspond with their area of technical preference, allowing them to grow in this area and bolster their skillset. In addition, clients receive quality IT talent to assist with any important project.

Let Us Work For You

Our consultants have the experience you need, with the fresh ideas and drive necessary for your project’s success. Email us at blair@xlsoftek.com to discuss your consultation options today.